‘Chuck’ Set’s Littlest Stars? Two Rescue Dogs

Yvonne Strahovski’s two dogs never leave her side.

During a recent car ride in Los Angeles, they were sitting on the actress’s lap, and when Strahovski started shooting the fourth season of Chuck, the pooches were hanging out on set, relaxing in her trailer.

Strahovski, who plays secret agent Sarah Walker on the show, loves bringing the rescued dogs to work with her, and in between scenes, she goes for walks with them, or lets them play with the cast and crew.

“It’s nice because I work for so many hours on the show,” she tells PEOPLEPets.com. “Everyone on set is really great with them. They’re cute animals! How can you not like them?”

It was a cute face that Strahovski fell for a little over two years ago, when she was browsing Petfinder.com for a dog to adopt and saw the one she would eventually adopt, a miniature collie-spaniel mix named Chazzie. Working with the rescue organization, California’s Ken-Mar Rescue, Strahovski brought home her first-ever dog, and they’ve been attached at the hip ever since.

“He had already been adopted out when I first inquired, but the person who had him couldn’t afford the dog anymore,” she says. “He’s bonded so many times with so many people and been rejected and given back so many times that he expects me to do the same thing. But you can’t really tell a dog, ‘Don’t worry, you’re going to be here forever.'”

A while later, Strahovski adopted a second dog, Wilbur, to be a companion for Chazzie. Though she suspects Wilbur was abused by children in the past, now he and Chazzie are best friends, and they love playing with each other. They have a nightly performance routine in which they play fight with each other and rumble all through the house.

Wilbur and Chazzie, on top of getting to follow Strahovski to her glamorous TV set, are also the beneficiaries of her culinary gifts.

“Every couple of weeks, I cook up a big pot full of chicken, sweet potato, broccoli and carrots,” Strahovski says. “It turns into this big stew thing, and they get that every morning and night mixed with some kibble. They’re super healthy and super fit because they come hiking with me all the time!”

Sadly, the pooches won’t get to join Mom this Saturday, when she will be the special guest at Ken-Mar Rescue’s tennis tournament. Strahovski considers it amusing that she’ll be watching over the charity games, as she’s not a very skilled tennis player.

“I haven’t played since high school, so I’m kind of crappy,” she says. “I wish I was better at it, but I’d probably lose within the first game.”

Source: PeoplePets.com