Yvonne to star in remake of ‘The Killer Elite’

The Herald Sun has published an online exclusive interview with Underbelly star Firass Dirani where he talks about his latest movie role in The Killer Elite and it says Yvonne is also cast in that movie.

Dirani has been cast in the big action budget flick, The Killer Elite, with British actors Clive Owen and Jason Statham.

“To be part of this ensemble, and actors of that calibre, is phenomenal,” Dirani said.

“I’m still riding on the back of Underbelly.

“So, for me, this is a brand new world. If it gets me out there, so be it.”

Dirani, recently named Cleo Bachelor of the Year, is keen to show his rising star has staying power. “I’m getting a bit of flak about having my 15 minutes of fame. Some critics think I got lucky with Underbelly.”

Australian actors Yvonne Strahovski, sexy star of Chuck, and Dominic Purcell, of Prison Break, have also been cast in Killer Elite.

Strahovski will play Statham’s love interest.

The film’s executive producer, Christopher Mapp, says the roles will take Strahovski and Dirani to the big time.

“This will introduce Yvonne and Firass in a big way,” Mapp said.

“This is a big film with a big budget and a super cast. It will get great attention around the world.”

Meanwhile, Dirani is set to get big focus locally – he gets naked and has his first sex scene with co-star Jessica Tovey on Underbelly tonight.

“It’s not glamorous. You put a sock on, and off you go,” Dirani said, laughing.

“There was one moment where Jess was on top, we were both butt naked, and I said: ‘Mum’s going to be proud of me.’

“It wasn’t normal. There were six guys around us pointing cameras while we did rude things.”

But Dirani, who has Lebanese bloodlines, said his family would be proud of the explicit episode.

“I didn’t grow up in a strict family,” he said.

“I was the actor and I’d always challenge my folks. It will be a challenge seeing their son on television doing a sex scene.

“They understand. They love me and know these things come with it.”

Dirani plays club king John Ibrahim in Underbelly.

He said Ibrahim was proud of his portrayal – and success.

“He’s chuffed,” Dirani said. “I think he secretly believes I won Cleo Bachelor of the Year because I’m playing him.”

The Killer Elite begins shooting in Melbourne tomorrow.