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Welcome to Strahovski Source, your ultimate online source for Yvonne Strahovski! We decided to make our own Strahovski Source because we felt that we could bring not only the latest photos and news, but all thing related to Yvonne and become the most comprehensive source on the web.

You might recognize this Aussie beauty from films such as The Canyon, Persons of Interest or The Plex. She’s currently starring in NBC tv series ‘Chuck’ where she plays Sarah Walker, and have been a guest on other television shows such as ‘HeadLand’ and ‘Sea Patrol’.

We hope that this site will be your daily stop for Yvonne Strahovski fix. Some sections are still under costruction, but we are working to have the whole site up in the next days! We will work very hard on getting everything update. So please, enjoy your stay and do come back here if you want to check the news and the updates in the next days!