Chuck – Latest from Ausiello – Season Finale

You already know that Chuck’s May 24 season finale will showcase ear-splitting music. But what you may not know is that two-hour capper will also feature (warning major spoilers)…

… at least one significant death, a childhood flashback with Chuck (Zachary Levi), Ellie (Sarah Lancaster), and Pops Bartwoski (Scott Bakula), and “two big game-changing twists” that exec producer Josh Schwartz promises will top last year’s. “This finale will leave fans very satisfied,” he continues, “and yet talking about what’s to come for a knock-on-wood Season 4.”

Speaking of which, Schwartz says the episode is not intended to function as a series finale should NBC do the wrong thing and cancel the show. “Much like last year, we’re putting all of our chips on the table,” he says. “We are going to drive our fans into a frenzy.”

Here are a few more “chips” to get you pumped for the big finish:
* Casey’s Crown Vic returns in a big way.
* Chuck has a mustache in the episode.
* Big Mike will have a very romantic scene with a Subway sandwich.

So, are you pumped?!?!

Source: EW