THR’s Comic-Con 2012: ‘Dexter’ Highlights

Comic-Con favorite Dexter packed Ballroom 20 on Thursday, previewing the first two minutes of its game-changing seventh season — including how Deb responds to seeing her adopted brother’s Dark Passenger.

9. Strahovski, who plays Hannah, a woman with a past that Miami Metro turns to reopen old cases, said Buck called her about the role and said it took her “about a second” to decide to do the show. Added Buck: “I think there’s a slightly mysterious quality about her.” As for the difference between Chuck and the Showtime drama, Strahovski said the energy on the shows was very different. “It’s not so crazy. I’ll just say it, Dexter’s better. I feel like I have to say that, I’m at the Dexter panel!”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Comic-Con 2012: Interview with EW

Before attending the Dexter panel discussion this evening, Yvonne stopped by Entertainment Weekly and talked about her character:

Small Photoshoot Update

I’ve added to the gallery more 2 outtakes of the 2010 Saturday Night shoot and 2 more of the 2011 Esquire shoot, enjoy:

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“headLand” Stills & 1×04-1×06 Captures

I have added screencaps of Yvonne as Freya Lewis in her first three episodes of “headLand” along with a few episode stills.

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“BlackJack: Dead Memory” Captures

Today I’ve updated the gallery with screen captures of Yvonne’s brief appearance “BlackJack: Dead Memory” that first aired in Australia on August 27th, 2006.

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“Double the Fist” Captures

I’ve added to the gallery screen captures of Yvonne’s first appearance in a tv series, back in 2004 on the fourth episode of the satirical Australian show “Double the Fist“. Sorry for the bad quality but it was the best I could find.

Gallery Links:
x168 | Television Series > “Double the Fist” > 1×04: Fear Factory – Captures