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“Double the Fist” Captures

I’ve added to the gallery screen captures of Yvonne’s first appearance in a tv series, back in 2004 on the fourth episode of the satirical Australian show “Double the Fist“. Sorry for the bad quality but it was the best I could find.

Gallery Links:
x168 | Television Series > “Double the Fist” > 1×04: Fear Factory – Captures

“Sea Patrol” Captures

I’ve updated the gallery with screencaptures of Yvonne making a guest appearance as Federal Agent Martina Royce in the Cometh the Hour episode of Australian Tv series “Sea Patrol”.

Gallery Links:
x165 | Television Series > “Sea Patrol” > 1×13: Cometh the Hour – Captures

“Chuck vs The Frosted Tips” HD Caps

So very sorry for the delay on the caps but finally I’ve added to the gallery HD logoless screencaptures of Yvonne in the “Chuck vs The Frosted Tips” episode, enjoy:

Gallery Links:
x373 | Television Series > “Chuck” > S5 > Screencaptures > 5×03 – Chuck vs The Frosted Tips

“Chuck vs The Bearded Bandit” HD Caps

I’ve added to the gallery the HD screencaptures of the 2nd Chuck Season 5 episode, sorry for the delay but hope you can enjoy those logoless captures:

Gallery Links:
x378 | Television Series > “Chuck” > S5 > Screencaptures > 5×01 – Chuck vs The Bearded Bandit

“Chuck vs The Zoom” HD caps

For me, a really great thing of having Chuck on Fridays is that I can finally add the episode captures to the gallery during the weekened so yeeey! Hope you’ll enjoy those gorgeous HD sreen captures of Chuck‘s Season 5 premiere episode:

Gallery Links:
x464 | Television Series > “Chuck” > Season 5 > Screencaptures > 5×01 – Chuck vs The Zoom

Yvonne Strahovski is Killer and Elite

Recently Yvonne stopped at Young Hollywood Studio for an interview to promote Killer Elite and answer some twitter questions.

Gallery Links:
x001 | Public Appearances > 2011 > Young Hollywood Studios
x139 | Interviews & TV Appearances > Online Interviews > Young Hollywood Studios