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Yvonne Strahovski to appear on Louie

Yvonne Strahovski has announced that she will appear on Louie.

The actress – who played Sarah Walker on the NBC series Chuck – shared a promo video on Twitter, which shows her character struggling to have a conversation with Louis CK while driving a convertible.

Louie returns with 14 new episodes this season, with back-to-back new instalments airing each week.

The show’s return comes after a long hiatus, which allowed Louis CK to devote time to his recent stand-up comedy tour.

FX airs the new season of Louie beginning on May 5 at 10pm ET.

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‘Chuck’: Josh Schwartz on possibility of beloved spy series coming back

Cult action comedy Chuck ended its five-season NBC run on Jan. 27, 2012. In the final moments, electronics store clerk-turned-superspy Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) attempted to reignite the memory of amnesia-plagued Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) with a kiss, but viewers never saw the resolution. With similarly beloved series Veronica Mars being revived as a movie through a Kickstarter campaign, EW called up series co-creator Josh Schwartz to see if there would be any chance for Chuck fans to see a return to Buy More.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Do you guys ever toss around the idea of bringing Chuck back?
JOSH SCHWARTZ: It certainly came up after the Veronica Mars news surfaced and all of a sudden that being a viable thing. What it really comes down to is what is the story you want to tell. I know in the case of Veronica Mars, they had a whole plan for that fourth season that they didn’t get. So the story was not complete. Whatever it is, you want the chance to tell that story.

We were very fortunate with Chuck. As much as we always felt the end was coming, we did get five seasons of the show and an opportunity to tell a lot of story. So I think for myself and Chris Fedak, I think we’d really wanna make sure we had the right story to tell and felt like we were doing it because “Oh my God this Chuck movie is going to be amazing!” That’s the test. Does it feel like you must do this because the audience is going to love this new take?

The thing that was so great was that you left off on a cliffhanger. So it would be easy to pick up where you ended.
You’re starting off with a question to answer certainly, and it’s a spy story so there’s always a new a mission, there’s always a new bad guy, there’s always a new need for Chuck to save the day.

If there was a new iteration of Chuck, have you thought about what the next story would be?
We haven’t really. We ended the show. We felt really good about where we ended it. Some of the audience wanted a little more closure, but you always wanna leave something left to the imagination of the viewer. We haven’t yet sat down to say, “OK, if we were going to really do this, what would it be?” I think Zach Levi has some ideas and he’s an imaginative guy and a real storyteller.

What is the possibility of this happening?
I mean, you’re talking me into it right now.

Would you be interested in doing it?
Never say never. I’m very proud of the show. Obviously our fans were an incredible part of the show. We wouldn’t have been able to tell as much story as we did if it wasn’t for those fans eating all those sandwiches!

Do you still get Chuck fans coming up to you?
I do. What’s funny for me is Chuck fans are the hardest to peg down. I can spot a Gossip Girl fan a mile away. But Chuck fans are very unpredictable bunch. It’s as much female as it is male and families and kids who watched it with their parents and parents who got to share that time with their kids. So it has a surprisingly diverse fanbase.

If you could bring it back, what would be the ideal format? A web series? A movie?
I guess you gotta go movie, right? Although the Marvel/Netflix model is really interesting. Maybe we’d do it Avengers style where you follow Sarah and Chuck on a mission, you’ve got Casey on a mission, you’ve got Jeffster on tour, and then the final season is everyone gets together.

And Ellie could be in Chicago?
Sure, you’ve got your medical story with Captain Awesome.

You’d have to find a way to fit in Chuck’s mom, Linda Hamilton.
She’ll come swooping into the Chuck/Sarah storyline. And she can also then cross into the Ellie/Captain Awesome storyline to take care of the kids. The Jeffster would obviously be too racy for networks, so it would have to be Netflix or cable.

So much sex, drugs, and rock and roll — or none at all.
Exactly. Sex, drugs, and keytar.


Yvonne Strahovski Joins ’24’ Limited Series

The chance to watch Kiefer Sutherland run around London duffing up terrorists while shouting “Damnit!” has attracted yet another name. Chuck/Dexter veteran Yvonne Strahovski is joining the cast of the new miniseries spin-off 24: Live Another Day.

As you may know by now, the US Fox network is bringing Jack back for a “limited series” new season of 12 episodes that will find the perpetually time-crunched CTU agent shifted to London for a new mission. Strahovski is aboard as Kate Morgan, a brilliant but impulsive CIA operative stationed in the city. It should be no great stretch for Strahovski after her long-term CIA work in Chuck, which surely pretty much qualifies her as a real agent by this point.

She joins a cast that already includes 24 alumni Mary Lynn Rajskub, Kim Raver and William Devane, plus newcomers to the show Giles Matthey, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Michael Wincott and Judy Davis. The behind-the-scenes crew is also largely returning, with producers Howard Gordon and co-creator Robert Cochran and writer-producers David Fury, Evan Katz, Manny Coto alongside director Jon Cassar.

The series now has a launch date, in the States at least, with Fox announcing that it’ll start airing from May 5, kicking off with a two-hour brace of episodes. With Fox due to present shortly at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, we can expect more news soon, though we may have to wait and see when and where the series is picked up here.

Strahovski, meanwhile, will be back on the big screen soon in I, Frankenstein, which is out on January 29.

Source: Empire Online

‘Golden Boy’ Cast Features Yvonne Strahovski

Seth Numrich will play the lead character in Bartlett Sher’s coming production of Clifford Odets’s “Golden Boy” for Lincoln Center Theater, alongside an ensemble cast including Yvonne Strahovski, Tony Shalhoub, Danny Burstein and Dagmara Dominczyk among several others, press representatives for the theater company said on Wednesday.

Mr. Numrich, who played Albert Narracott in Lincoln Center Theater’s production of “War Horse” and Lorenzo in the recent Broadway revival of “The Merchant of Venice,” will portray the “Golden Boy” protagonist Joe Bonaparte, a young man torn between careers as a violinist and a boxer.

Mr. Shalhoub, of the television series “Monk” and Broadway productions like “Lend Me a Tenor,” will play Mr. Bonaparte, Joe’s father. Ms. Strahovski, who starred in the NBC action-comedy “Chuck” and will appear in the coming season of the Showtime thriller “Dexter,” will play Lorna Moon, a woman for whom Joe develops feelings, despite the fact that she is his manager’s girlfriend.

Mr. Burstein, a Tony Award nominee for last season’s Broadway revival of “Follies,” will play the trainer Tokio. Ms. Dominczyk, who has performed on Broadway in “The Violet Hour” and “Enchanted April” and in the TV shows “Good Wife” and “Person of Interest,” will play Joe’s sister, Anna Bonaparte.

Also announced in the “Golden Boy” cast are Michael Aronov, Bill Camp, Sean Cullen, Ned Eisenberg, Brad Fleischer, Karl Glusman, Jonathan Hadary, Daniel Jenkins, Danny Mastrogiorgio, Dion Mucciacito, Lucas Caleb Rooney and David Wohl.

“Golden Boy” will be performed at the Belasco Theater, where the play was first presented in 1937. This revival will begin previews on Nov. 8 and is to open on Dec. 6.

Source: The New York Times

THR’s Comic-Con 2012: ‘Dexter’ Highlights

Comic-Con favorite Dexter packed Ballroom 20 on Thursday, previewing the first two minutes of its game-changing seventh season — including how Deb responds to seeing her adopted brother’s Dark Passenger.

9. Strahovski, who plays Hannah, a woman with a past that Miami Metro turns to reopen old cases, said Buck called her about the role and said it took her “about a second” to decide to do the show. Added Buck: “I think there’s a slightly mysterious quality about her.” As for the difference between Chuck and the Showtime drama, Strahovski said the energy on the shows was very different. “It’s not so crazy. I’ll just say it, Dexter’s better. I feel like I have to say that, I’m at the Dexter panel!”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Comic-Con 2012 Schedule

As you all know this year’s Comic-Con is happening a little earlier than usual (July 12 to 15) and Yvonne is confirmed to be at the Dexter panel, which will take place at opening day of Comic-Con at the San Diego Convention Center:

Thursday, July 12
6 p.m. “Dexter” panel with cast and producers, plus exclusive trailer for Season 2 of “Homeland” (Ballroom 20).

The new season of Dexter premieres on September 30th at 9 p.m. ET/PT only on SHOWTIME. Yvonne’s first appearance will be on episode 7×07 that will air on November 11th.