Comic-Con 2012 Schedule

As you all know this year’s Comic-Con is happening a little earlier than usual (July 12 to 15) and Yvonne is confirmed to be at the Dexter panel, which will take place at opening day of Comic-Con at the San Diego Convention Center:

Thursday, July 12
6 p.m. “Dexter” panel with cast and producers, plus exclusive trailer for Season 2 of “Homeland” (Ballroom 20).

The new season of Dexter premieres on September 30th at 9 p.m. ET/PT only on SHOWTIME. Yvonne’s first appearance will be on episode 7×07 that will air on November 11th.

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  1. Where are you getting this information? I know the Comic-Con schedule is posted on the site, but where are you getting the information about when Yvonne’s first appearance will be? Please give a source for your information.

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